Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lego Minecraft!!!

Oh yeah baby,lego minecraft is on its way and I bet fans of both franchises are ecstatic and pumped for this new release, I know I am.

The project was proposed by Mojang AB , the company that created and owns minecraft, into the lego Cusoo project( Where anybody could enter a new design on theme , and if they got enough votes, lego would overlook the idea and see if they could make it) and Minecraft received the needed 10,000 votes and Lego have confirmed that they will make lego minecraft in the near future.

Can't wait!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas! And bday Lego time!

I didnt get much for christmas... just money for lego sets of my choice...

It was my birthday recently and I got a LOAD of lego, (including some discontinued sets!)

So here is what I got:
LIMITED EDITION! Mutran and Vican bionicle 2 pack ( Very rare ), a discontinued set!
Lego Exo force: Kyo's 2008 exo! (Rare and discontinued!)
Ninjago Earth Dragon!
Ninjago Ice Dragon!
Racers Rod Rider
2 Mega bloks mystery packs!

As well as:
Money for more Lego!
Skylanders: Spyros adventure!
Halo : CE Anniversary!!!!! :)

I am so happy!
Christmas money will be spent soon! lol

So...what did you guys get?

Monday, 19 December 2011

Lego series 6 minifigs on website!

It is really cool that they are on the site and LEGO has officially stated that we are to see them in January 2012! How awesome!

List of minifigs:
Clockwork robot
Flamenco dancer
Skater Girl
Lady Liberty
Highland Warrior
Classic Alien
Roman Soldier

Lego LOTR is officially on its way!

Finally...the rumors have been confirmed!
Wha a great announcement to end the year!
This is the most exciting piece of lego news for coming from 2011!

List of sets:
9469 Gandalf Arrives
9470 Shelob Attacks 
9471 Uruk-hai Army 
9472 Attack on Weathertop 
9473 The Mines of Moria
9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep
9476 The Orc Forge

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New lego forum!

Hey everyone just a quick post to let you know about my lego forum where you can post ANYTHING
lego or mega bloks related! For more details click on this link to see the video. To visit the forum click this link . Visit and see if you would like to join today!(or later)

Updated forum with new chat rooms and banner.

Forum before latest updates.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Favourite Ninjago dragon?

Just wondering what your favourite Ninjago Dragon was, I am currently working on getting all of the, and I cant decide which one is my favourite, I like the fire dragon alot but my top is a joint between Lightning, Ice and Earth.

Leave a comment telling me you fave dragon! Enjoy these pics and the sigs I made!

Favourite Lego theme?

Hey guys, just wondering what your favourite lego theme was.
Mine would have to be a constant battle between Star Sars and Ninjago and currently, Ninjago is winning, but I am sure star wars will be my fave again at one point......

Leave a comment telling me your favourite lego theme!